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Full orchestra the whole time.  During the second half of the rehearsal, Alexander Shelly, the music director of The National Arts Centre Orchestra will be working with us on Danse Macabre.  I am so incredibly excited for this!

We will start with Les Preludes.  I know that our initial performance of Les Preludes on November 12th seems very soon.  Here’s the thing.  We will work in small sections through Les Preludes in the coming weeks.  If the whole thing isn’t ready by the November concert we will do an abridged version with cuts and then do the whole thing on our December concert as planned.  So don’t feel like you need to be overwhelmed by this piece.  I’ll write here specifically which sections we will work on in the coming week.

This week we will do from the beginning until the 9/8 and from 3rd bar of O until the end.

I’ve done this before and I’ll do it again this year.  I want to see who’s actually reading the blog and I’m going to incentivize it with a prize.  At some point during the rehearsal I’m going to ask the question, “Who read the blog this week?”.  At that point, the first person to stand up, wave their arms over their head while quacking like a duck will win a trophy, $10 cash, a special commemorative rubber duck, and a box of Kraft Dinner Mac and Cheese.  Everyone not waving their arms and quacking like a duck will be subjected to a brief public shaming (not really, but sort of).  Is this ridiculous? Yes. Does it serve a purpose? Possibly.  If you’ve been in SYO in previous years do ludicrous stunts like this on my part surprise you? No.  Also note that this will happen before Alexander Shelly shows up.  Because, you know, professionalism and all that.

See you Sunday!





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