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Below are a list of all the sectional rehearsals and what repertoire will be worked on.  This is subject to change based on how our rehearsal process evolves, but players can look here to plan when to learn repertoire.  Please make sure that you have practiced your part and listened to a recording before there is a sectional on a piece.  For string players, the dates marked with an asterisk will have individual string sectionals (i.e. Violin 1, Violin 2, Viola, Cello, and Bass all having sectionals separately).

Be sure to also click on the “For Next Rehearsal” tab on the blog for complete details about what will be covered in both sectionals and full orchestra.  This list is to be used for looking ahead to see what is coming up in sectionals only and is not a full list of rehearsals.


September 10th- Danse Macabre and English Folk Songs Suite

September 17th- How To Train Your Dragon, Hungarian March

September 24th- Barber of Seville Overture, Danse Macabre

*October 15th- Les Preludes, Nutcracker Suite, Barber of Seville Overurte

October 29th- Les Preludes

*November 19- Nutcracker Suite, Les Preludes

November 26- Nutcracker Suite, Les Preludes


*January 14th- Pomp and Circumstance, Tchaik 1st and 4th mvt

January 21st- Tchaikovsky mvt 4, A Dream of Dawn

February 11th- Tchaikovsky mvt 1 and 2, A Dream of Dawn, Pilgrimage

March 11th- Tchaikovsky mvt 2, Ravel

*March 18th- Tcahikovsky mvt 3, Ravel

March 25th- Ravel



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