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The music for Pictures at an Exhibition has finally arrived! As you know, the music was delayed because it was on back order and despite repeated attempts to contact the publisher we didn’t find out why the music hadn’t arrived until Fraser and I basically spammed their email inbox and voicemail. (On the off chance that anyone from Kalmus is reading this, I’m still waiting for the phone call from a supervisor that I was assured would happen to explain why it took over a dozen emails and phone calls to get a response to find out why music we’d ordered at the beginning of November hadn’t arrived in January and how we were never even told it was on back order until my 12th phone call was picked up………but i digress).

Here’s the plan moving forward. Fraser has been amazing at getting this music ready for us on a very short timeline. The coaches are just getting their score this evening. So part assignment might take some time to sort out. Provisional assigning of parts will happen at this rehearsal, but please keep in mind that this could change as the coaches were not able to have any lead time with the scores.

Also, we are going to suspend our work on Danzon at the present time to focus on Frenergy and Pictures at an Exhibition. Should there be time at the end of the semester, we will return to it.

Thank you all for the great concert and welcome to our Open House guests last week. And as I sit here writing this, I’m looking forward to our combined concert with the SSO tonight.



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