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As I mentioned at last rehearsal and in the blog post below, I was curious to have members of the SYO share their thoughts on leadership. I asked two questions:  What kind of leader do you want to be? And what kind of leader do you want others to be?  I only received one submission. And I don’t say that because of a disappointment in not receiving more because that isn’t the case. I just wanted to be clear that in sharing what the player wrote below I wasn’t excluding other players’ voices. I would happily share anything this coming week if anyone wants to contribute. And that would be the case whether the opinions or values you have are ones I agreed with or if they are outside my world view.

I had a blog post planned this week about leadership that would incorporate player comments, but I stopped my draft after reading what was sent to me below. It gave me pause and will inform Part 2 of this post which I will write this coming week. But for now I hope you’ll take the time to ponder what is written below. I think it describes perfectly the kind of leaders our world needs right now. Rather than launch into my thoughts on leadership, I’d like to let these words stand on their own (something they do with ease):


“For a long time I thought leaders were exclusively people with power: the organizers, the elected, the authority. These people can give us guidance, direction, and encouragement. Although they are usually the recognized face of leadership, they are definitely not the only kinds of leaders we have. More and more I began to recognize the people I knew who I wanted to be around because of their positivity and personality. I recognized the people who I respected because they maintained their own values, even if they were different than my own. I recognized the people who supported their peers and made every effort to be inclusive. Even without titles of leadership, these people were influencers.  Positivity, moral integrity, and supportive may not be the typical qualities of a leader, but I believe they are qualities we all could embrace to become unassuming leaders or people who lead by by example.”

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