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Sistema Saskatoon

Sistema Saskatoon is a program that offers free group music lessons in an after school program at Vincent Massey Community School.  The program aims to make music available to everyone, including kids who might not otherwise have the opportunity to participate in music due to financial constraints.  The SYO and Sistema Saskatoon have collaborated in the past to offer SYO players the opportunity to be mentored in teaching and come into to the SIstema classroom to get teaching experience.  We are doing the same thing again this year.  How this would work is that an interested player would come to one of two mentor workshops on October 18th or Oct 25th from 3:30pm-5:30pm at the UofS (before SYO rehearsal).  You would then come join us in teaching in the classroom on October 26th from 3:30pm-5pm and October 28th from 2:30pm-5.  Anyone interested should email me at  We are looking for people to commit by October 11th so we know how many people to expect.  More information about SIstema Saskatoon is available at

Community Concert

The SYO is playing a community concert on October 28th at 5pm at Vincent Massey Community School.  All SYO players are expected to play.  We will play the repertoire from our Rosthern Retreat (Peer Gynt Suite 1 movements 2 and 4 and movements 3,4, and 5 from Star Wars.  This concert will be for an enthusiastic audience of young musicians from Sistema Saskatoon (see above).  I’ve told the kids we will be performing for that we are going to be playing music from Star Wars and I can anticipate that we will be given a rock stars’ welcome!

Chamber Orchestra

We will be having a chamber orchestra project in January.  Later this week, Paul will be emailing players who will be asked to confirm their availability to participate.  The commitment deadline for participation will be October 18th (n.b. this is later than the initial date published in the schedule)

Concerto Competition

The sign up deadline form the SYO Concerto Competition is on Nov 1 with the actual competition taking pale on Nov 23rd at 6pm.  This is open to all SYO players.  Any work for solo instrument and orchestra is admissible.  For the competition you must perform with piano  (you must provide your own accompanist) and the duration of your performance must not exceed 10 minutes.  For the player who wins, they will play with the orchestra in the spring semester of this season.  The actual work can be longer than 10 minutes and if it is a multiple movement work the winner and I will discuss how much of the piece we can perform.  Please note that I highly recommend that you discuss with me your repertoire choice so we can determine if it is appropriate for the SYO.  Please make arrangements ASAP with your accompanist.  Except for very rare circumstances, you must perform at the time you are assigned after the sign up deadline.  Please note that you must provide a copy of the piano score at the competition.


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