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The SSO has begun rehearsals for our combined concert with the SYO.  The edition of Carnival Overture that the conductor is using is different from the one which the SYO and SSO players have.  As such there are some edits that you will need to write into your parts.  They are listed below and will be updated after Thursday and Friday’s rehearsal as well.  Please ensure that these changes are written into your part prior to coming to rehearsal.  Thank you!


Changes from Wednesday Rehearsal

  • 6 after letter F, first and second violins, the second half of the bar should be Sfz
  • Letter M is now M1, 17 bars prior to that please mark as letter M
  • one bar after M1, 2nd clarinet, mark that entrance fp
  • 6th bar of W, tutti, first quarter note beat is ff, second quarter not beat is piano, crec 7th bar of W, ff 8th bar of W
  • 3rd last bar, trombones, mark fp crecendo
  • last bar, tutti, stress the downbeat more than the second half of the bar

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