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As we’d discussed at rehearsal, we will elect two player representatives this coming week. Players who were nominated will be submitting a short introduction about themselves that will be posted on this blog. Please check back throughout the week for updates. Their introductions will be posted in the order that I receive them

Anya Pogorelova
Dear Saskatoon Youth Orchestra members,

I am Anya Pogorelova, a second year Music Education piano major at the University of Saskatchewan. I am interested in being a Player Rep for SYO because I love to work and collaborate with all kinds of individuals. I am very eager to hear any thoughts and/or opinions that our players may have and look forward to discussing them with the board if I am asked to do so. I strongly believe that every musical ensemble needs a direct player liaison between the orchestra and the board and I would be happy to serve that position for you. I have previous experience with boards and committees and sit on the executive board for the Saskatoon Chamber Singers, U of S Greystone Singers and U of S Music Educators Society. It would be an absolute pleasure to work with the board and the orchestra members for the 2013-2014 SYO season.

Anya Pogorelova

Kayla McKenzie
For those of you who don’t know me very well, I am co-principal bassoon in the SYO and this is my fourth year in the orchestra. I have seen tremendous growth in the SYO over the past few years both musically and in collaboration between the players and the director/parent board. I want to foster this growth through communication between the players and the director/parent board by bringing your ideas to them. I would be available to you as a player to ask questions, express concerns or just chat about music! I would love to establish more opportunities for the players to get involved in the music community, be that through an evening of games, an afternoon of listening to/playing your favorite music, or an opportunity to pick the brain of a music student at the U of S. I believe that each player has something that they would love to experience this year in the orchestra I want to hear all about your ideas. Music is a collaborative adventure and the more we communicate with each other the better our experience will be. The orchestra has given so much to me through musical growth and mentorship and I would be honored to give back to the players this year as a player representative.

David Snell
My name is David Snell, I am a trumpet player in the SYO and this is my third year in the ensemble. I am a second year music education major at the U of S. I am very invested in this ensemble as it is my favourite ensemble and I look forward to it every week. I am very approachable and willing to listen to whatever questions you have about the ensemble, University life or any questions you have about anything. I am currently one of the uniform managers for the SYO and was the player representative last year. I would really like to fulfill this position again as I have a lot of ideas that I think can make this ensemble better. My ideas can help make your life as a member of the SYO more organised and through that more enjoyable. I had a lot of fun helping the ensemble and acting as a voice for each of it’s members last year and would really like to have the opportunity to support you once again. Thank you for taking the time to read my spiel.

Happy practicing,


Nathaniel Christian
Though I am a full-time accounting student in my third year of university studies, music has always played a wonderful, irreplaceable role in my life. I first joined the Saskatoon Youth Orchestra in 2010, having being convinced by the family of our brilliant concertmaster, William Boan. I know it’s cliché, but I truly mean it when I say that my life was forever changed when I joined this organization. SYO has instilled in me my great love of classical music – my friends in commerce are still a bit confused when I listen to Mahler in my car instead of the latest pop songs! I’ve also made some of my greatest friends in this orchestra, and forged relationships that will last a lifetime.

As an active trumpeter and pianist, I’ve had my fair share of amazing musical experiences throughout my life. There’s something very special, however, about getting the chance to play in a full-sized symphony orchestra. As a player representative, I would love to take the opportunity to help make SYO as positive an experience in every player’s life as it has been in my own. I truly believe this organization has the potential to make each and every one of its players into better musicians, better students, and better people

Tiess McKenzie
Hey Guys! This is Tiess, hopefully you all get a chance to check out all of the options for player representatives this year, I believe that all of the nominees could do a great job at giving the SYO players a voice. For anyone who I haven’t gotten a chance to meet yet, I am a grade twelve student at Centennial Collegiate (Which I guess makes me the young one among the nominees). This is my second year in the orchestra, I play principle trombone, and truly love the SYO. The orchestra has helped me to improve my playing and has expanded my love for music. If you will allow me, I would be love to represent the players of the orchestra. I believe that I could do a good job of this, and would work hard to hear and communicate everyone’s voice and opinion. I can’t make make any exciting promises to you, nor can I even offer a substantial degree of experience, especially compared to the other nominees. One thing I will do though, is promise to do my utmost to hear everyone and make everyone heard.

Thanks for reading,
Tiess McKenzie


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