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Hello SYO Players

Here are the links that I mentioned in rehearsal:

1.  Opening Credits recording is available here and in the repertoire videos tab above:

If you don’t have Dropbox downloaded go to to sign up for free

2. The app that will change the tempo of recordings is called AudioStretch:

It’s only available for iOS devises, but I think there must be similar apps available in the Android app market and others.  if anyone finds such an app please post a link in the comments.  One of the amazing things about this app is that you can actually freeze a single moment in time in the recording.  Want to practice tuning that chord?  Now you can!

3. I didn’t think anything worthwhile could come out of that horrible song Blurred Lines, but a shared name helped a piece of Canadian contemporary quarter tone music go viral.  A recording of the original (read: the Canadian contemporary composition by John Beckwith) Blurred Lines is included in the article.  I also love how someone at CBC photoshopped Beckwith into a photo with Robin Thicke and Pharrell Williams.  Quarter tone music FTW!   


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  1. Thanks so much for mentioning AudioStretch! I’m the author of the app 🙂

    As far as I know, AudioStretch is the only audio time-stretch app (on any platform) that allows you to play at zero speed and drag the waveform while the audio plays at the correct pitch. The keyboard/spectrogram display is pretty unique as well.

    AudioStretch is only for iOS at the moment, though I do have a pretty good Flash simulation of the app which can run in the browser on a Mac or PC. It allows you to load up any mp3 on your computer’s hard drive. You can reach the Flash simulation via a link at

    For Android, friends have told me the “Audio Speed Changer” app is good, though I’ve never tried it myself.

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