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Winter Concerts Approaching

Our winter concerts are approaching. Please see the tab above for this week’s rehearsal to see what the repertoire will be for the concert.

NYO Audition Masterclass

A reminder that even if you are not participating as a player in the NYO audition masterclass that the class is open to the public and all SYO members are encouraged to attend. Scroll down to hear some videos of NYO performing

Conducting Class

This week is our final conducting class. After this you will have a number of weeks to prepare a score that you will receive this weekend for the final “test” where a conductor will be chosen. We are working again on the first movement of Mozart #1. I was very lenient with giving podium time even if you had not done analysis of the piece. For this week you must have a full analysis done. Remember that analysis and score preparation represents the overwhelming majority of a conductor’s time. The podium time is the home stretch of the conductor’s work. Below is a very interesting video on conducting by the great Leonard Bernstein. It’s a long video, but worth the view if you have time. An even longer video is found beneath that, but also really worth the time to watch. It features many legendary conductors in performance, rehearsal and interviews. It’s one of my favourite videos on YouTube. Nothing compares with my favourite YouTube video of all time, however, which is found below that.


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