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Concerto Competition
I’m so excited to see so many players signed up for the concerto competition. You will get an email soon with your individual performance time. The competition performances are open to the public and SYO players are encouraged to come and listen. I look forward to hearing all of you play!

SSO-SYO concert last weekend
I’ve received nothing but positive comments from my colleagues in the SSO. They were very impressed with your preparation.

Rehearsal this weekend
Please check the tab above for info on what we will work on at rehearsal this Sunday. Please note that the second half of rehearsal will be Toccata and Fugue only.

November 11th “Reality Check” Rehearsal
For those of you who are in their first season with the SYO, allow me to introduce the “Reality Check” rehearsal. The name is very tongue-in-cheek and is not a daunting as it might sound. Basically, it is a rehearsal where in the last hour we play through all of our Winter Concert repertoire without stopping. This means no stopping no matter what! The idea is that it gives us a chance to see what is working and what will need a little bit more work before December. Our coaches come to that rehearsal to listen and then make a game plan for what to work on in sectional the following week. Our “Reality Check” rehearsal for this semester is November 11th. All I ask is that you prepare to the best of your ability for this rehearsal. I’m not looking for perfect, but instead to get a clear idea of where we need to focus our efforts. Rep for the Winter Concert will be:

Danse Macabre
Toccata and Fugue
Gazza Ladra
All 3 LOTR suites
Slavonic Dance #8

NYO Audition Masterclass

The National Youth Orchestra has just posted their audition repertoire for the Summer 2013 session:

On December 6th the SYO will host a masterclass on NYO audition preparation. Any SYO player auditioning for NYO will have the opportunity to perform their audition excerpts in a public masterclass. The class is open to the public to attend as an audience and I hope to see every SYO player at this class. The NYO was one of the greatest experiences of my orchestral life..actually, let’s go further…It was one of the best experiences of my entire life. The audition is challenging and admission is very competative. I auditioned for 3 years in a row before I actually was offered a position. The experienced I gained in those years of auditioning, however was invaluable. If you want to play in this orchestra my best advise is to download the audition excerpts and go for it! The deadline to sign-up to play in the masterclass is Nov 25th.

These videos will give you an idea of how amazing the NYO sounds!

Conducting Class

Hi conducting class! Just a reminder that your “homework” is to analyze Danse Macabre and only the first mvt of the Mozart. There was a mistake in the printing of the books and only the first mvt should have been included. Remember that all of you will get a chance to conduct in class this Sunday!

Also here is a link to the clef substitution transposition method I was talking about in class. We will contrast with the interval method with fixed-do in class on Sunday:


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