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Looking ahead in the SYO calendar, we will be having a National Youth Orchestra (NYO) Audition Masterclass on December 6th. This will be an opportunity for SYO players who are preparing for this audition to have a public performance and critique to aid in their audition preparation. The class is not just for those players, but for everyone to come and watch. I will be covering all aspects of audition preparation and giving insight into what an audition panel is looking for.

As a National Youth Orchestra alum, I look back at my time in NYO with great fondness. Actually, those two summers were probably the best summers of my life. You get to work with amazing faculty, play the biggest and most important pieces in the repertoire, tour the country and share the summer with an orchestra of friends and colleagues that are just as focused on music as you are. The NYO program has been said to be equal to over a year of university orchestral experience concentrated into a single summer.

Preparing for the NYO audition is almost as rewarding as the NYO session itself. I auditioned for the orchestra many years in a row before I finally was offered a spot in the 2000 and 2001 orchestras. Each year I auditioned I pushed myself further in my playing and closer to the gaol of playing with the NYO. The NYO is open to all musicians age 16-28 and players from the age of 14 are encouraged to audition to gain audition experience.

I am really excited that the SYO will be offering the audition masterclass and I encourage as many SYO players as possible to consider auditioning for the NYO. The audition repertoire for this year has not been posted yet, but check for updates on
Audition information will be available soon- the NYO website says sometime in October.


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