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We will start in sectionals working on the 1st and 3rd movements of The Force Awakens. After break in full orchestra, we will rehearse the last movement of Swan Lake, Finlandia, and the Force Awakens 1st mvt.

We will be in sectionals the full time focusing on Finlandia and the final movement of Swan Lake (both the published 9th movement and the hand written finale)

Also as mentioned in rehearsal, here is the score for Findlandia and Swan Lake Finale. The Swan Lake Finale starts on the 6th page of the PDF in that link


Nov 13th

We will start in sectionals with strings being in individual sectionals. We will focus on Swan Lake mvt 9 Scene et Finale. We will also go over the extended last movement which is the additional hand written movement. If there is time, the 2nd mvt Valse will also be covered

After break it is full orchestra with most of the focus being on Danse Macabre

Nov 20th

We will have a streaming/live concert this evening featuring the following pieces in order: Danse Macabre, English Folk Song Suite, Danse Bacchanale. We start in full orchestra rehearsal and then take a break around 7:35. Our concert will begin at 8pm. Although the concert will be streamed, please encourage friends and family to attend in person!

This is a change from the original plan where we would have started with sectionals, but we will be in full orchestra the whole time next rehearsal. We will start with Danse Bachannalle and then dive into Danse Macabre. Danse/Dance Party! Also, be sure to dress up in costume if you wish….I will!

We will start in sectionals and then move into full orchestra. We will focus on Danse Bachanalle and Danse Macabre, with more focus on Bachanalle

Thank you all for a great performance last night! This coming Sunday (Oct 9th) is a holiday and there is no SYO. We will have SYO again the following Sunday October 16th. For that rehearsal we will be in sectionals the whole time and will work on Danse Macabre and Danse Bacchanale.

I’m looking forward to our in-town retreat this weekend. On Saturday evening we will be in sectionals followed by a pizza party. On Sunday we will have some social activities prior to rehearsal, have a full orchestra rehearsal and then have a concert at 8pm. Below is the repertoire for the weekend. I have indicated for each if it will be on the concert, covered in sectionals or both. Also below are the practice tracks for each part of Geographical Fugue that we used this last weekend,

Warrior Legacy (Concert only)

Prince of Egypt (Sectionals and concert)

Geographical Fugue (Concert only)

English Folk Song Suite (Sectionals and concert)

Danse Macabre (we will touch on this briefly in sectionals if there is time)

We will start in sectionals and then move to full orchestra. We will focus on the first and second movements of Dvorak. In string sectionals, the last 10min will be on the opening of William Tell

We will be in full orchestra the whole time. At 8pm we will have a streaming concert featuring the last movement of Dvorak and William Tell (starting at the Allegro after A until the end). We will rehearse these at the beginning of rehearsal as well as touching on the first movement of Dvorak.

Rehearsal plan for March 20th

We will be in sectionals for all of the rehearsal. Please note that we will not have access to Quance Theatre as there will be a performance going on during our rehearsal time. Please make sure to be quiet in the halls during break so as to not disturb the performance.

We will focus on Letter I until the end of the 4th movement of the Beach. We will also cover the 1st movement of the Dvorak New World. If time permits, there might be a review of material from William Tell and the last movement of the Dvorak

Concert and Repertoire Plans

We will have an online streaming concert on March 27th. The repertoire for this will be the William Tell Overture starting at the Allegro after A until the end and the 4th mvt of Dvorak. Our “end” of the year concert on April 24th will feature the William Tell Overture and the complete Dvorak Symphony. It looks like most of you are willing and able to continue into May so that we can round off our season to make up for the time we lost during the Omicron pause. We would finish with a concert featuring the last mvt of the Beach and the last mvt of Tchaikovsky (note that we are not playing any of the other movements from those pieces).

My New Favorite Piece of Music

This is the piece that I was talking about in rehearsal. I recommend listening to this not on your phone (unless you’re using headphones). If you can play it loudly through speakers, all the better! John Corigliano had this to say about his Symphony No. 3 Circus Maximus:

  • “We are besieged by entertainment. We’re just saturated with information, if you look at a news broadcast you’ve got the crawl on the bottom, you have the newscaster talking and in the right-hand corner you have a picture of something else. So many different activities have to happen at the same time today. And there’s a shorter attention span because we’re multi-tasking like crazy. We’re able to do five different things without doing anything neatly.”